Knicks won’t let go from Jeremy Lin.

Posted on July 6, 2012


Despite the big offer that the Rockets have given to Jeremy Lin, Knicks will match it.

Jeremy Lin is now a restricted free agent, just after a sensational 18-game season (let’s be honest). Some teams have tried to reach a deal with Lin, but they’re not willing to give that much money in a player that didn’t even play a complete season. The Rockets is one of the few teams who are trying so. With a 3-year (with option for a 4th) 21.5 million offer sheet deal they have come to an agreement with ‘Linsanity’ but don’t doubt a second that Knicks will match.

This season, the Knicks found what they needed so much for the 1st half of the 2011-2012 season and for the complete 2010-2011 season. Do you think they are letting go? Heck no! They needed so much a PG (other than Baron Davis who is getting old) and not only did they find this, but they also ran into a perfect marketing image.

He’s a sensation! He’s the perfec
The trick of the deal resides on the 3rd year. 1st year: 5 million, 2nd year: 5.2 million, 3rd year: (hold your breath) 9.3 million dollars. The luxury tax will surely be an issue but Idon’t think the Knicks care. They will resist the poison pill. Now, they have 3 days to match the offer or they will see their current star go to Texas (which he won’t do).t image for NYC. He can get as much promotion as he wants there.

– Daniel Gómez