How will chemistry work out for the LAL?

Posted on July 6, 2012


With their biggest deal in some time, also questions have emerged as how will the Lakers look with Nash as their PG. Well, the season hasn’t even started and Steve Nash is already in the top 5 Point guards in Laker history. We’re talking of a team who is not used to have someone running a show for everyone. They tried to do that with Sessions but it didn’t quite work as they thought.

People are questioning Kobe’s team play. He has never been known for being a play maker, and has often being criticized for taking too many shots. To be fair with Kobe, he has never played with a good point guard that can make his job easier. This is where the debate begins. Will the Lakers be able to adjust and improve with Steve Nash at the PG position?

I think yes. I think they will deffinitely improve their offensive game, they will find easier shots for Kobe. We know he can hit difficult shots, but his percentage from last year (43%) can improve… a lot. He will be able to execute the most effective play in basketball: Pick & roll. With 2 big guys like Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum (who won’t be traded for Dwight, have that clear) he can get them easy looks at the hoop. He can spread the floor by taking 3 pointers. He shoots over 40% from behind the 3pt line for his career and has the 8th highest 3pt percentage in NBA history.

The main issue of the Lakers will be defense. Nash has never been a terrific defender and the Lakers showed a lot of problems in their defense this last season. The defense depended mostly on Kobe Bryant, Bynum (when healthy), Gasol and MWP at times. Let’s see what adjustements will Mike Brown make, considering he’s a deffender specialist.

– Daniel Gómez



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