Ray Allen taking his talents to south beach.

Posted on July 6, 2012


Apparently it is now a fact that the Big 3 (Big 4 really) are goiong to be separated. This comes after more than a week of rumors about Ray Allen trades. Today, Micky Arison (Miami Heat owner) tweeted this:

Its 2:30am in London and I was just woken up with great news. Welcome to the family #20!!

It’s now a reality, Ray Allen will be wearing black and red next season. This is an excellent fit for the Miami heat, with Miller injured and considering retirement they’ll need back up shooters to play as they did in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The final options of Allen were either Boston or Miami. Here are some facts about the decision:

  1.  In Boston, Bradley will begin to see more minutes and has more legs to play more minutes. Allen wouldn’t be a starter.
  2. Jason Terry is also part of Boston and he would divide minutes with Allen. Allen wouldn’t be their go-to sixth man.
  3.  In Miami he will come off the bench because Wade plays the 2 as a starter.
  4. If LeBron starts playing more often at the 4 as he did in the finals, that could give the option of Wade playing either at 1 or 3. Allen could play more minutes at the 1 or 2 (Mainly 2).
  5. He will get, as some sources say, 3.09 million dollars per year, wich is the half of what Boston was offering.
  6. He’ll have a better shot for a 2nd ring with Miami.

It’ll be interesting to see how many minutes will he get in Miami and to see if that ankle won’t be a problem through the next season with will be 82 games long, 16 games longer than this last season (Damn, you lockout!).

– Daniel Gómez