Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA right now.

Posted on July 6, 2012


With the free agency, some good point guards saw the light of liberty and went to explore new teams. With this idea in mind let’s go to a list of , who I think, are the best PGs in the league right now.

10.- Brandon Jennings.
Reasons: 3 years into his career and he’s already a franchise player. He has a nice shot and he’s consistent with it. It will be good to see him work this next (complete) season with Monta Ellis.

9.- Stephen Curry.
Reasons: Excellent play-maker. Excellent 3 point shooter. He can be a floor leader. With Bogut now with him, it’ll be interesting what they can do.

8.- Tony Parker.
Reasons: Did you see game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals? There are your reasons. 30 years old means nothing to him. He’s super athletic, has improved his mid-range game. Excellent in the paint, can finish with contact.

7.- John Wall
Reasons: He has improved so much in 2 years. He’s extrimely explosive. Can get to the paint. Can shoot the mid-range jumper. Excellent court vision and unselfish play. What does he need to be a champion? A team.

6.- Steve Nash
Reasons: As consistent as a player can get. Unselfish player. Quick and explosive at 39. Excellent 3-point shooter. Clutch. The Phoenix Suns’s players are what Nash has made them. Do you need any other reason?

5.- Russel Westbrook
Reasons: Extremely explosive. Best mid-range game of any point guard. Excellent floor leader. Can create his own shot. Based on talent alone he could probably be 2 or 3 in this list, but his decision making is what makes him fall to number 5. His assist/turn over ration doesn’t help either.

4.- Deron Williams
Reasons: Extremely strong. Can attack the paint like a forward. He has the size to post any point guard in the league. Terrific 3 point shooter. Now we can see why he was  the top free agent this sumer.

3.- Rajon Rondo
Reasons: Excellent court vision. Extremely unselfish. A triple double machine just like Kidd in his prime. Terrific rebounder at 6′ 1”. Can break any deffense through penetrations and kick-outs.

2.- Derrick Rose
Reasons: He was the MVP of the 2010-2011 season for a reason. Best point guard finishing in the paint. Excellent passer. Has improved his mid-range shot extremely. Excellent deffensive player. Terrific leader for the bulls. Let’s hope he’s healthy for next season and see what he can give.

1.- Chris Paul
Reasons: There’s a reason why the Clippers record went from 32-50 in the 2010-2011 season to a 40-26 this last season. Chris Paul was the reason. He lead his team through the whole season and did not leave the charge in the playoffs as they got to the 2nd round where the Spurs sent them back home. Excellent leader. Excellent passer. Best ball handler in the game right now. Unselfish. Can hit the mid and long range shot. As clutch as any other player in the league.

– Daniel Gómez

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